How to Boost Your Dance Confidence With What You Wear!

How to Boost Your Dance Confidence With What You Wear!


If you're reading this, chances are, you are one of the many passionate dancers in this world who wants a little confidence boost. We all struggle at some point in the dancing world with costume confidence. That's why we're here to help!

Do you often look at a costume you dream of dancing in but you just don't have the confidence to wear it? 


We did too!

So to combat those feelings we came up with a solution we think you'll love! We know we do!

Introducing Belly Stockings™

With Belly Stockings™,  you no longer have to choose a full coverage costume to perform. We currently offer our Body Stockings in various designs and a huge range of colours as you will see by looking in our shop.  


Designed to be worn under your dance or performance costume, they are great for those who feel over exposed in a two piece and for those who wish to be modest or conceal blemishes.





 Whether you want to cover up or sparkle when you shimmy, we have the perfect style for you! Offering many designs that will suit your needs, your complexion and/or your dance and performance costume! 


               For more information on each of our Body Stocking styles you can visit our About Our Products page, where you will find everything you need to choose the best style for you.



Our mesh has a 4 way stretch producing a superb and highly flattering fit. It pulls you in all around and evenly distributes the pressure therefore shaping you without feeling uncomfortable. We also offer a large selection of all over stretch lace which has the same shaping properties as our power mesh.


All of our sheer Body Stockings have the amazing ability to camouflage imperfections. Due to the close proximity of the thousands of tiny holes the fabric becomes translucent rather than transparent. Therefore, this magically causes an optical illusion and imperfections like scars seem to vanish giving a truly flawless appearance.




Here's an example of how the lovely Žana wore one of our Light Tan with Silver Glitter Belly Stockings™ - Check her out! 

Not only do we supply coverage for the midriff but we also provide a wide range of Body Stockings with Sleeves as well as the option for full all in one body coverage. These images are linked to each of their Style Categories for easy navigation. 

Pictured below is the beautiful Muna, wearing one of our Black with Silver Glitter Boleros from our colour range and another one from our Skin Tones collection.


We offer many Colours and Skin Tones to match your complexion. If you're unsure what to choose, we also supply and highly recommend our swatches. These are available individually or in full packs.


 Some reviews: 

" I have had 2 fabulous experiences with Belly Stockings - Most recently a bespoke rush order for an imminent event where they managed to make from scratch and deliver an order to me within 3 days (not an instock item)! They've also helped me colour match their items to costumes in my collection. Very happy with their service would highly recommend (though save some products for me!!  ) " - Julie BellyFire The school of Bellydance 


"Outstanding both regarding service and quality of product. The customer service is extremely helpful for finding the correct size and making sure your order reaches you safely, and the cuts and fabrics are extraordinarily beautiful and form-fitting. Highly recommended." - Nicey


"Very high quality and beautiful body stockings. I have ordered several of them over the years." - Janina


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In our next post!

Get to know the people behind the scenes and find out more on how Belly Stockings™ came to be.  In 2006 a passionate and creative Bellydancer with a "mum-tum" designed something to transform her dancing confidence, unknown at the time it was soon to help thousands of other dancers around the world!


And so, that's when the first Belly Stocking™ was born! After trying them out for herself and finally getting to wear the costumes she'd always wanted, her fellow dancing friends started to ask where they could buy some of their own. 


As a result, a great opportunity came to sell her very own Belly Stockings™ designs to other dancers all over the world! These designs have gone on to help boost confidence in so many people, giving them freedom in what they wear for over 13 years. 


- To hear more about our story and to meet the founder, stay tuned for our next update! 


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