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Colour and Brief
Toffee / Thong
Black Silver Glitter / Thong
White Silver Glitter / Snap-fastening
Black with Silver Glitter / Snap-fastening
Naturelle / Snap-fastening
Old Naturelle Gold Sparkle / Snap-fastening
Old Toffee Gold Sparkle / Snap-fastening
Classic Nude / Closed
Old Naturelle / Closed
Flesh Shimmer Illusion / Closed
Flesh Opaque Lycra / Closed
Dark Chocolate / Closed
Floral Truffle / Closed
Butterscotch / Closed
Porcelain / Closed
Blush / Closed
Red / Closed
Lilac Silver Sparkles / Closed
Pale Pink / Closed
Ivory Lace / Closed
Purple Lace / Closed
Lime Green / Closed
Yellow / Closed
White with Gold Sparkles / Closed
Indigo / Closed
Floral Indigo / Closed
Black Gold Sparkles / Closed
Buttercream with Silver Swirls / Closed
Buttercream with Gold Sprinkles / Closed
Deep Blush / Closed
Deep Blush with Silver Sprinkles / Closed
Barely There / Closed
Old Toffee / Closed
White Gold Sparkle / Snap-fastening
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