Our Story


First incepted in 2006 and fully established globally by 2007, Belly Stockings ® have changed the lives of thousands of women worldwide. 

Belly Stockings ®, a family business, manufactures the world's largest range of body stockings for dance and performance. It’s run by mother and daughter team (Vicky & Aurora) in the south west of England. 

Vicky’s journey started whilst trying to find a solution for her lack of confidence due to loose skin and stretch marks after the birth of Aurora. Unknown to her at the time, this would fast become a thriving internationally renown label where Aurora would grow up to be alongside her at the helm! 

Vicky, with a previous background in clothing and retail, joined forces with Jon and his skilled team in Nottingham, bringing their countless years of experience in textiles manufacturing and the complex world of lingerie. Ever since, this collaboration have been producing thousands of stunning garments in all kind of shapes, sizes and colours. 

Aurora, growing up amidst the world of dance and costumes, left school and went on to study art, photography, media and business studies, whilst simultaneously becoming a highly gifted designer and seamstress.

After impressing her mother with her range of skills and outstanding grades she was offered a full time position as Assistant Manager within the company.

The mission is to give women the confidence to feel like goddesses!

Sadly at the present time very few women are confident enough to wear what they really want and bare all. Until society and the media get their act together and enable this to change Vicky & Aurora are here to give you a helping hand.