*UPDATE* Further news as promised.

*UPDATE* Further news as promised.

Firstly we'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone for the incredible support we have received. Our last email had such a warm reception, this community is simply mind-blowing. We've been inundated with so many kind words and thoughtful wishes.


We'd especially like to thank those of you who made a purchase over the last 6 weeks. It made a massive difference to our future, that little act of loyalty from so many of you lovely people kept our heads above water for just long enough. We deeply appreciate each and every one of you and together as a collective effort we have saved Belly Stockings

Things are going to be very different going forward but we wish to announce that - "We have found a new factory and we will continue to trade!"
Belly Stockings is not closing any time soon!!!!!!
We have found new manufacturers here in England. It is very early days and they are still getting to know our fabrics and patterns but their quality is absolutely exceptional and that is the one thing we were not prepared to compromise on, hence why you nearly lost us.

Due to the way this factory operates we will not be able to offer you the same wide choice of size, colours and styles initially.

They have high minimum order quantities and therefore we can't continue offering a Made to Order service. On the bright side, this means anything you order will be here in stock, so no more waiting.



You'll be excited to know that we have just had our first batch of stock arrive and it has already been added to the online store!

We added to our most popular collection: Underbust with Straps - Colours: Classic Nude, Naturelle, Naturelle Sparkles, Tan Glitters, Black, Black Glitter and Black Lace - in sizes S-XL



As many of you are aware we currently have very little stock left, we appreciate this is frustrating but we ask for your patience as it will take a while to build this up again. Providing we can generate enough cashflow we'll be ordering a small amount to add to the store every week.
Once we have built up some capital we will look into ways to expand our range again and offer a more personal service. But right now we're just delighted and very relieved to still be here writing to you with this fantastic news!

All new stock coming in will be limited, so, even though we're pretty slack at keeping in touch (as you know) we will try and do our best to inform you about what comes in so our loyal subscribers get first dibs! Next week we hope to be offering you some stockings with sleeves which are currently being made.

If there is a size, style, fabric etc. you'd especially like please write and let us know. Providing we believe we can sell multiple of that specific design, we will add it to our next order for you.

Contact Us HERE

Our apologies if your size or skin tone isn't available yet. We decided it was sensible to go by our website analytics and ordered the most popular garments. These are most likely to sell quickly, this is imperative to keep us trading as we're not out of the woods yet as I'm sure you understand.

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding right now. As soon as we're back up to speed and can afford to treat you, we intend to show our gratitude by way of a gift card for each and every one of you wonderful people!

Thank you once again for your continued support, it means the world to us.


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    GLAD YOU ARE BACK! Please keep updates coming. Will pass the word .

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    Great news
    Well done!

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    Wonderful news! I bought two belly stockings a few weeks ago, as I was so worried you would close! So happy you have found a new factory!

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    Wonderful news! Congratulations!

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    Wonderful news.

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